2015 SMsnowmobile Trail GPX Format
2015 SMsnowmobile Trail GDB Format

** 2015 Eliminates the Deer Pen to Naval Hollow trail, adds in Hooters Road/Gas Line and new trails to Clermont.

2013 SMsnowmobile Trail GPX Format
2013 SMsnowmobile Trail GDB Format

These are 2 files containing GPS coordinates for tracks. (Same coordinates/tracks/Waypoints, just different file extensions).

You can download them

  • Right click on the link of the file format you want to save
  • Choose Save Target As and choose the folder you want to put them in
  • Send them to your gps unit (I use software called MapSource from Garmin)

How To Use The Tracks
They are based out of the TRKGrd Waypoint for central parking and broken into 3 sections.

  • Shamut Railroad Grade = Red
  • TrkGrd to Emporium = Light Blue
  • Naval Hollow to Clermont/Mountain Inn = Blue

The only fuel on the trail is located in Emporium (Sheetz is directly on the trail, Quick Fill, Fuel On).

If following the GradeEmporium track, once it gets you to RidgeRd waypoint, it is just a matter of following the trail South for more Potter County riding or going North toward Austin/Keating Summit.

If coming from Emporium, you will need to invert or follow the tracks to the beginning to get to the TRKGrd waypoint.

These were created using a Garmin ETREX H unit, MapSource software (to send/receive from the unit as well as edit them).


  • TRKGRD is truck parking in a field
  • Sheetz is Gas/Food in Emporium
      • Beside Sheetz is a Restaraunt called Pizza Palace (Website with menu available on our links page)
        •  Very snowmobile friendly
        •  Excellent menu (personal opinion)
        •  Easy parking for sleds right off trail in back parking lot
        •  Let them know our club sent you.
  • Middle is Middle Fork Gate
  • Grdtrl is Deer Penn Road intersection with Shawmut Grade
  • St8crk is Straight Creek Road intersection with Shawmut Grade
  • MtnInn is Mountain Inn Bar located in Clermont
  • RidgeRd is intersection on Steam Mill with Ridge Road
  • TannryInn is the Old Tannery Inn Bar located in Costello
  • Sr4004 turns to a paved road located in Rich Valley/Cameron County


Disclaimer-Use at your own risk.